Old school Exhaust for Honda dax and Skyteam


Exhaust Opus old-school Dax (Honda or replica)

European manufacture of high quality stainless steel.

Designed for maximum performance on displacements from 50 to 186cc.

We study this exhaust for installation without problems or changes on different versions of dax (honda and replicas) with all engines available on the market.

Triple-cone, large diameter tubing, CNC venturi

Designed for installation with a Honda grid 6v protection.

Comes with removable DB Killer


Inlet multi ways adapter for Honda dax and Skyteam

Inlet multi ways adapter for Honda dax and Skyteam

Aluminum part machined from solid to fix and position your intake pipe in a multitude of different positions through the buttonholes.

This clever piece you will place your carburetor wherever you like.

Diameter of the passage of the gas stream: 26mm, allowing use with the majority of the intake pipes up to 28mm carburetors

Brake disc Honda NSF-NSR 220mm

Brake disc Honda NSF-NSR 220mm 

 Suitable as front brake disc for NSR wheels, NSF, Over, Galespeed … Also ideal for hubs monkey Takegawa Kitaco or G-Craft.

 Made of aircraft quality steel doubly rectified to avoid vibration problems. Quality and production process at the top in order to have a braking in all tests throughout the life of the drive.

Outside diameter 220mm inner diameter 58mm 3 10.5mm mounting holes inner diameter of 80mm.